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Natural travertine, marble, glass tile from Iran.

Ukraine, 04210
Kiev, Ave Heroes of Stalingrad, 10-A
Building 6, of. 45

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INTERBUDEXPO 2010 «Comfort House»

INTERBUDEXPO 2010 «Comfort House»

Autumn Exhibition in the "Expoplaza» INTERBUDEXPO 2010 «Comfort House» once again pleased and surprised by the unusual exhibition stands its…

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About the Company

Ltd. "Parivash" exists in Ukraine since 2002 and represents your brand Parivash Antique Stone building materials market since 2006.

Over the three years of the company has increased its range of products with a varied range of tiles made of natural stone travertine Iran to the vast range of products, decor, tiles, mosaics made of travertine, marble, onyx, metallic tiles in the style of hi-tech glass and sumptuous handmade tiles.

Today, "Parivash" cooperates with numerous architectural, construction, design studios, private architects and directly with the final consumer of our products, performing a step-by-step all the work that you have the opportunity to admire the intricate decoration facade or warm dark evenings near the elegant fireplace made of stone .

Our stone has found its application in Ukraine - from the facades quiet and cozy kottezhdey in the Kiev region to create a coherent ensembles of the exterior and interior of the stone in the sunny Crimea.

The universality of our materials you can use them in different climatic conditions - moisture and frost distinguish our natural stone.

We work for you because:

• We know how to make your home design unique and aristocratic

• We understand how you appreciate the durability and strength of the chosen material

• We are sure that you have good taste and appreciate the wealth of different material options offered to you

• We focus on individual solutions for you and are ready to fulfill your requests for produce

• We are able to create in your home comfort, convenience and atmosphere of naturalness by using our stone

• We guarantee free advice in the selection, purchase, delivery and use of our materials

You can now get help and to order the tiles, decor, products in our office by phone:


Tel. / Fax: 38 (044) -537-68-44 - multichannel

Mob: 38 (067) -502-45-24

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News and Information

ИнтербудЭкспо 2010

Published Date: 22 October 2021

На традиционной выставке строительства и архитектуры INTERBUDEXPO 2010, весна, которая проходила в выставочном павильоне «Экспоплаза», как всегда, живой интерес посетителей вызвал выставочный стенд натурального природного камня из Ирана Parivash Antique Stone.


INTERBUDEXPO 2010 «Comfort House»

Published Date: 22 October 2021

Autumn Exhibition in the "Expoplaza» INTERBUDEXPO 2010 «Comfort House» once again pleased and surprised by the unusual exhibition stands its visitors. Exhibition stand of natural stone from Iran Parivash Antique Stone attracted visitors of all its originality.


INTERBUDEXPO 2011 «Comfort House»

Published Date: 22 October 2021

Традиционно весной, в выставочном павильоне «Экспоплаза», состоялась выставка INTERBUDEXPO 2011.
Стенд Parivash Antique Stone, казался оазисом в пустыне, утопая в зелени елей, самшитов, можжевельника и при этом удивил своей открытостью, сдержаностью и лаконичностью.


ИнтербудЭкспо 2009

Published Date: 22 October 2021

Мягкое свечение натурального природного камня  на выставке INTERBUDEXPO 2009 осень


Thematic interviews

What kind of treatment do you prefer natural stone?

Polishing stones - 0%
Grinding stone - 0%
Antique or artificial "sostarivanie" - 0%

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Interesting fact

Камень, который превозносили римские императоры

В романской архитектуре большинство строений из травертина имели слегка “незавершенный” вид – колонны вытачивали целиком, большее значение придавая общей форме, а не мелким деталям. . Такая простая, необработанная форма была очень модной во времена Тиберия и Нерона и определила стиль множества легендарных зданий -Колизея, Виллы Адриана и т.д.


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